Jeu De Cheveux

It was when I was surrounded by the spectacular scenery as I skied the French Alps that I came up with the name for my hair brand – Jeu de Cheveux which translates to “hair game”. I guess you could say that I was having too much fun in France! Being a successful barbershop owner, I had always envisioned that I wanted to create top-notch hair products for men, because why not have the best hair care? It took me a couple of years developing and tweaking the products until they were perfect. Then, that fateful day in France the right name came to me. Now, I am ready to share these awesome products with the world! 


People deserve quality products that work because when your hair looks perfect, you feel great. Be it texturing, slicking, or getting the volume you want, Jeu de Cheveux is the brand that delivers exceptional hair products. From the labelling to the superb smelling finished products, you only get first-class, luxurious quality. So, it's time to leave the house looking your best every time. It's time to "up your hair game!" with Jeu de Cheveux because you deserve a standard that is second to none.

Founder & Creative Director

James Turnor